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Unlock Your Marketing Potential

A wholesale real estate investment app that simplifies your entire marketing process.

  • Free Deal Website

    Create a professional profile, and get a free shareable website to showcase your inventory, managed from your phone!

  • Buyers List Management

    Your followers receive instant alerts about new deals as soon as you list them, eliminating time consuming email and text marketing campaigns.

  • Offer Management

    Receive instant offers for your deals complete with Proof Of Funds, and utilize a secure in-app chat for fast communication. 

Wholster My Followers and Push Notifications
  • Price Drop Alerts

    Favorited listings keep you up to date on price changes so that you never miss the opportunity to lock up your next deal.

  • Custom Search Filtering

    Decide what deals you want to see by searching with keywords, zip codes, multiple property types, and more.

  • Instant Push Notifications

    Stay on top of the deals that meet your buying criteria when you save your filters inside the app, follow a seller, or favorite a deal.

A real estate investment app to simplify your business.
Close more deals with less effort on Wholster.

Wholster App Share Screen
Wholster Desktop Web Profile

A Free Website To Showcase Your Deals

With Wholster’s streamlined tools you’ll be able to:

Stay Organized

Easily create and store all your listings, offers, and conversations in one place!

Build Your Buyers List

Wholster makes it easy to share your inventory with buyers. Build your following and brand right from your phone! Subscribers will get instant notifications when you list a new property.

Simplify Marketing Tasks

Automate outreach through push notifications, reaching buyers directly, and eliminating lengthy email and text campaigns. Share deals effortlessly with a link to your free website and scannable QR codes in the app.

Built To Discover Deals

A wholesale real estate investing app to quickly find your next off-market property!

  • Push notifications let you know about deals in your buy-box
  • Advanced filters to target only deals that meet your criteria
  • React quickly by making direct offers
  • In-app chat lets you communicate securely right inside the app!
  • Never miss a deal again!
Wholster Filtering Listings Screen

A Look Inside Wholster

Based on 15 reviews
Travis Lauchman
Travis Lauchman
The Wholster team has created an intuitive user experience in an app that serves all investors by simplifying one of the toughest tasks - acquisition and disposition. We are rooting for this to blow up and can’t believe how easy they’ve made it to peruse local deals, make offers, and connect with local investors. Keep up the great work!
Meet Desai
Meet Desai
Amazing platform for real estate investors. Great Job Jarred and team! I would highly recommend for all investors.
Dylan Miller
Dylan Miller
Amazing app! I was able to see so many real estate deals. Definitely a great help for my business.
Tony Cook
Tony Cook
Great app and the management team is looking to improve continuously. If you are wholesaling in the Baltimore area you need to be on here.
Larry Shephard
Larry Shephard
Wholster is a must have app if you’re a wholesaler or investor. You can easily search and post wholesale deals rather than searching forums. It’s very easy to use and will be a hit as it’s rolled out to other markets
A Google User
A Google User
I highly recommend Wholster for real estate wholesaling. This app has been a game-changer for my business. It offers a user-friendly interface and powerful features that make finding and analyzing wholesale deals a breeze. The app provides accurate and up-to-date property data, allowing me to make informed decisions quickly. The customer support team is responsive and helpful, ensuring a smooth experience. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, Wholster is an invaluable tool for maximizing your wholesaling success. Five stars!
Daniel Hood
Daniel Hood
Wholester is the real deal! I have listed many properties on here as well as bought. Top notch team and service. Definitely check the app out!
Douglas Crawley
Douglas Crawley
If you’re an investor you need to have this app on your phone. Wholster is simple to use and makes searching for off market properties easy. I see a lot of potential for this app to grow in the future, and I look forward to watching their expansion into new markets. Customer service is also very good, I can tell they care about their product. Highly recommend!
Patrick Finney II
Patrick Finney II
Whether you're a wholesaler looking to sell a deal or an investor looking to purchase, this app is an absolute must have!
Zachary Browning
Zachary Browning
Bought my second deal ever off of this app. Was a super easy process getting an offer to the seller and closing the deal quickly. Even made a good profit on it too!

World Class Customer Support

Our support team is there for you when you need them. We pride ourselves in providing a top-tier customer service experience with multiple ways to reach us.

  • Submit tickets in-app, by e-mail, or chat on the web
  • Get help quickly when you need it
Wholster Desktop Web Profile

Real Estate Wholesaling Made Simple

Wholster is the ultimate tool for wholesalers looking to make a mark in their business. We offer a solution that streamlines the process of marketing wholesale deals, managing your buyers list, and handling offers with ease. Wholster simplifies the dispositions process and helps you shine in your industry.

Ready to revolutionize your marketing? Begin your journey by following these simple steps:

Step 1

Get Wholster and create a business profile.

Step 2

Set your buying criteria or list a property.

Step 3

Manage all of your deal flow from the app!

Pricing Plans

More features coming soon! Sign up today for limited access to all of Wholster’s available features for FREE!

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  • Wholster Classic View
  • Unlimited Listing Creation
  • Share Your Current Inventory With Unique Links
  • Build Your Buyers List With Followers
  • Daily Notifications For Matching Filters
  • Favorite Listings
  • Limited Saved Filters
  • Direct Messaging
  • Make And Receive Offers

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Coming Soon!

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Meet The Wholster Team

Get to know the team behind the app

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wholster?

Wholster is an innovative mobile marketplace designed for real estate wholesalers. It revolutionizes the way deals are marketed and managed, offering an all-in-one solution for streamlined wholesaling dispositions. It provides the tools necessary to effectively market deals and engage with your buyers right from your phone.

How does Wholster benefit wholesalers?

Wholster provides wholesalers with a comprehensive suite of tools, including a free deal website, automated alerts for subscribed/following buyers, sharable marketing links, and in-app offer management and communication. Wholster automates outreach, eliminating the need for lengthy email and text campaigns, and provides a central hub for your deals. Wholesalers can share deals effortlessly ensuring efficient and effective marketing. Growing your following and brand is simple when managing your dispositions with Wholster.

How does Wholster assist buyers in finding their next deal?

Wholster acts as a central hub for deals, saving users valuable time by eliminating the need to sift through endless emails and social media posts. With curated, detailed listings and notifications for matching buy-box filters, users can quickly discover and evaluate potential deals, streamlining their real estate acquisitions pipeline.

Where is Wholster currently available?

Wholster is in beta and available in DC, MD, and VA. Stay tuned for updates as we expand to more areas!

Can I propose a feature that would specifically benefit my business within Wholster?

User suggestions are at the heart of our development process. When you submit feedback or propose a feature, rest assured it is taken seriously. Our team reviews and prioritizes suggestions based on their impact, ensuring Wholster continually evolves to meet the dynamic needs of our user community. Submissions can be made in the apps main menu by selecting Feedback.

How do I submit a support ticket to Wholster?

Users have two convenient options for submitting support tickets. They can utilize the in-app support feature by navigating to Feedback in the main menu, or access the chat on our website to connect with our support team. Whether through the app or website, we’re easy to reach and eager to help!

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