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Wholster is the ultimate tool for wholesalers looking to make a mark in their business. We offer a solution that streamlines the process of marketing wholesale deals, managing your buyers list, and handling offers with ease.


As a Wholster Affiliate Partner, you’re not just using a powerful platform, you’re getting paid to do what you already do. Make every marketing move count and turn your influence into income!

Wholster Web Profiles For Sharing Wholesale Deals

How It Works?

Qualifying partners who use Wholster will earn commissions monthly!


Qualified applicants receive their marketing packet including Wholster assets, tracking links, and affiliate profile on the app.


When an affiliate shares their deals, or unique links through their marketing channels, new subscribers are tracked.


When new users subscribe, you get paid! Earn recurring monthly commissions while you market your deals and share Wholster!

Close more deals with less effort on Wholster.

Wholster Features

Wholster is the all-in-one dispositions app for wholesalers. Simplify your marketing today!

Frequently Asked Questions

An affiliate partner is an individual or entity that collaborates with Wholster to promote and market its products or services. By joining the Wholster affiliate program, partners earn commissions for every new user or customer they bring to Wholster through their unique affiliate links. Essentially, it’s a mutually beneficial partnership where affiliates leverage their marketing efforts to drive traffic and conversions for Wholster, and in return, they receive a commission for the referred business.

Eligibility for the Wholster affiliate program is open to individuals, businesses, and influencers actively engaged in the real estate investing space. We value affiliates with a strong reach and followership, as your influence plays a crucial role in promoting Wholster effectively. However, the program is selective, and we strive to align with affiliates who resonate with our brand. If you are already using Wholster for your marketing activities and have a substantial online presence, we encourage you to apply. Our aim is to form partnerships with those who genuinely align with the Wholster brand and can contribute to the success and growth of our platform.

By clicking this link and filling out the form, you will be considered for the program. Eligible applicants will be contacted by email to get set up.

The Wholster affiliate program offers a competitive commission structure, providing affiliates with 25% of the received revenue for each subscribed user referred through their unique affiliate links. This means you earn a significant portion of the revenue generated from every successful subscription originating from your marketing efforts. We believe in rewarding our affiliates generously for their contributions to the growth of the Wholster platform.

Commissions are paid out in a straightforward and timely manner. We release any due accrued payments to our affiliates no later than 30 days after we receive the corresponding revenue from the referred user. This ensures a transparent and predictable payout process, allowing our affiliates to benefit from their earnings in a reliable fashion. Your success is our priority, and we strive to provide a seamless experience throughout the commission payout cycle.

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As our affiliate partner, your commitment to transparent disclosure aligns with FTC guidelines and reinforces trust with your audience. Please see our terms and conditions here for more information on the program.