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Feature Packed

Finally, a wholesale real estate investment app for buying and selling off market wholesale properties that works!

  • User Profiles

    Create a professional profile and manage your brand and deal flow in one place.

  • Listing Creation

    Create clean and organized listing pages for all your deals and share them easily! No more fooling around with websites and email blasts to reach buyers. Do it all from the app!

  • Offer Management

    Receive instant offers for your deals complete with Proof Of Funds, and utilize a secure in-app chat for fast communication. 

Features of Wholster
  • Follow Your Favorite Sellers

    Stay connected to your network and subscribe to receive instant alerts when they list new deals.

  • Custom Search Filtering

    Decide what deals you want to see by searching with keywords, zip codes, multiple property types and more.

  • Instant Push Notifications

    Stay on top of the deals that meet your buying criteria when you save your filters inside the app, follow a seller, or favorite a deal.

A Real Estate Investment App to simplify your business. Join the growing community of the worlds first real estate wholesaling app now!

Wholster App Share Screen
Wholster Desktop Web Profile

Create Beautifully Curated Listings

By utilizing Wholster’s listing creation tools you can:

Stay Organized

Easily create and store all your listings, offers, and conversations in one place!

A Buyers List Inside The App

Wholster makes it easy to share your inventory with buyers. Build your following and brand right from your phone! Subscribers will get instant notifications when you list a new property.

Save Time on Marketing

Sharing deals has never been easier! Share across social media, email, text, and more.

Built To Discover Deals

A wholesale real estate investing app to reach your buyers instantly! When a buyer sets their criteria, they’ll get notified as soon as you list!

  • Reach the right buyers with targeted push notifications
  • Advanced filters to target only deals that meet your criteria
  • Spend less on websites and marketing – share deals directly from your phone!
  • In-app chat lets you communicate directly and securely right inside the app!
  • Never miss a deal again!
Wholster’s custom search filters for off market wholesale properties

A Look Inside Wholster

Wholster Desktop Web Profile

Real Estate Wholesaling Made Simple

Wholster is the ultimate tool for wholesalers looking to make a mark in their business. We offer a solution that streamlines the process of marketing wholesale deals, managing your buyer lists, and handling offers with ease. Wholster simplifies the dispositions process and helps you shine in your industry.

Ready to revolutionize your marketing? Begin your journey by following these simple steps:

Step 1

Download Wholster and create a profile for your business.

Step 2

Set your buying criteria or list a property.

Step 3

Manage all of your deal flow from the app!

Pricing Plans

More features coming soon! Sign up today for limited access to all of Wholster’s available features for FREE!

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  • Wholster Classic View
  • Unlimited Listing Creation
  • Share Your Current Inventory With Unique Links
  • Build Your Buyers List With Followers
  • Daily Notifications For Matching Filters
  • Favorite Listings
  • Limited Saved Filters
  • Direct Messaging
  • Make And Receive Offers

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