Meet The Wholster Team

Jarred Sleeth From Wholster

Jarred Sleeth

Product Manager

About Jarred

Jarred started his real estate investing career in 2013 and left the corporate world 3 years later to pursue REI full time. With experience in wholesaling, flipping, rentals, and hard money lending, he brings his expertise in real estate to Wholster.

Jarred has been instrumental in bridging the gap between the development team and users, defining use cases and feature sets, and maintaining the trajectory of Wholster’s growth through each cycle from the onset. He also oversees all of Wholster’s in-house media and content creation, while interfacing with its web and marketing partners to maintain brand continuity.

His goals are to shape the Wholster marketplace into the premier mobile solution for doing off-market deals by providing access to the data and tools that investors need to further the growth of their businesses.

In his free time Jarred is an avid guitar player and adrenaline junkie, with a passion for two and four wheeled motorsports. He can sometimes be found instructing rally car driving at Rally Ready Driving School in Austin, Texas, or competing in the official Wholster App Rally Car.

Josh Clark

Product Design

About Josh

Josh is an experienced Director Of User Experience with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. He is skilled in Wire Framing, Interaction Design, User Centered Design & Research, Design Systems, Visual Design, and HTML/CSS. A strong information technology professional, he holds a BA focused in Art, and Computer Science from Bridgewater College.

Josh has been with the Wholster team since inception. He manages all design aspects of the app, branding package, implementation of user surveys, and works directly with the development team to ensure the Wholster user experience is first-class.

In addition to his contributions at Wholster, Josh is a talented musician, engineer, and producer in the music industry. He has designed branding for well-known bands in the industry, and he owns and operates his own recording studio, Dark Hollow Studio, where he records and produces for other bands, as well as his own.

Corey Headshot

Corey Herbert

Development & Engineering

About Corey

Corey has been an engineer for over two decades with more than a decade spent developing and integrating software and machine learning models for the intelligence community.

Here at Wholster, Corey is responsible for architecting and engineering the software suite and managing the CI/CD pipelines.

Corey spends his free time Climbing, Snowboarding, SCUBA Diving and sailing.

Chris Headshot Crop

Christopher Goodman

Development & Engineering

About Chris

Christopher has been a software engineer for twenty years. He has worked in various industries including video games, medical education, finance, intelligence, and digital forensics. He began programming on his Commodore 64 when he was six and has had a passion for software development ever since.

Christopher is responsible for the architecting and engineering of the Wholster software suite. His primary motivation is in utilizing computers to help people solve problems. He works with the business and design units to ensure the software meets the needs of the business and its users. He takes a particular interest in the user experience. He believes the best software feature in the world may as well not exist if a user can’t seamlessly access and leverage it.

Christopher’s hobbies include video games and tabletop games. He is a competitive gamer, travelling the world to compete in various video and tabletop game competitions. He commissions a tabletop gaming league where he commentates weekly streams, hosts a league podcast, and writes all of the software facilitating the league. Other hobbies include rock climbing and club auto racing.

Jules Forrister

User Experience

About Jules

Jules is a seasoned professional whose expertise lies in understanding user needs and making strategic decisions to shape on-brand products. With a passion for usability insights, Jules excels in gathering data from usability testing sessions and translating it into actionable insights. Her proficiency in creating affinity maps guides pattern recognition and feature prioritization, ensuring that upcoming design sprints align with user expectations.

In her free time Jules enjoys all things yoga, the thrill of rock climbing, as well as relaxing at home with her two dogs and pet bird.