How To Easily Find Off-Market Real Estate Deals With Wholster

October 11, 2022

Automate the way you search for deals by targeting your buy-box with saved filters!

Finding Investment Properties Made Easy

How To Find Off-Market Deals

The age old question. How do you find off-market real estate deals? Well, until now, you might have been adding yourself to every email list and wholesale facebook group you can find. And while this is not necessarily a bad strategy, they offer you little to no searching ability. It may take you hours of rummaging through emails and posts just to find a deal that meets your criteria. You may have even given up, and stopped looking altogether because of the time it takes.

We thought there was a better way. With Wholster, finding deals that meet your criteria is as easy as set it and forget it! Saving your criteria inside the app allows Wholster to do the hard work for you. When a deal gets posted on the app that meets your buying criteria, you’ll get an instant push notification to your phone. Even if you don’t see anything on the app today, saving your filters allows you to set it and forget it, so when something does come online, you’ll get notified.

It’s that simple.

Targeting Deals With Filters

Watch the video below to learn how to set your filters inside the Wholster app!

Easily target the investment properties you want to buy

Download Wholster today on the App Store and Google Play store to get notified when a deal meets your buy-box!

Also, check out our complete guide to using the app here.

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