Wholesale Marketing In Two Minutes With Wholster

October 11, 2022

Create a profile and manage your wholesale marketing from one place with Wholster.

Use Wholster to quickly market your wholesale properties

Clarify Your Marketing

If you want to stand out with your wholesale marketing, it can be time consuming. You might need to create complicated marketing campaigns, design digital fliers, edit pictures, and you might even be paying someone else to help you do all of that. We want to show you a better way to reach buyers by offering them a convenient way to access your deals.

With Wholster, you can create a listing on the app in just two minutes. Each listing you create on Wholster comes with its own unique landing page which can be easily shared anywhere that you want to market your deal! Presenting buyers with the information they need will make your wholesale business stand out and free you up to spend more time on the activities that grow it.

Listing A Deal In Two Minutes

Watch our video below to learn how to list a deal quickly on Wholster! In a matter of minutes, you can have your next deal listed on the app.

Sharing A Listing Anywhere

After you’ve posted a listing on the app, you can share a unique landing page via text, email, to your favorite wholesale facebook groups, and anywhere else you want to market your deal. Take a look at the video below to learn how to copy and paste your deal anywhere.

Standing out to buyers with your wholesale marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. Creating convenience for your buyers and giving them all the information they need will help project you as a professional. Download Wholster on the App Store and Google Play today to get started.

Also, check out our complete guide to using the app here.

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